Chilly Saturday

I only got about 5 hours of sleep Friday night/Saturday morning, so that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

After my previous ride in shorts and short sleeves, the realization it would be back to layers was rather discouraging.  My base layers are all compression and I’m really tired of pulling them on and off.  I’m particularly tired of full-fingered gloves.

Enough whinging and whining.

I got all decked out for the cool and the wind includind my new Voler shorts under my tights.  I wheeled out the front door to the end of the walk and started to click-in.  It looks awfully bright out.  Darn forgot the shades.  Back in.  Back out.  Start again.

The wind is a little tough, but the sun she is a-shining.  Speaking of which I spot my shadow stretching out in front me about a mile out.  It doesn’t look right.  My head looks…. Normal.  Yeah, I forgot my helmet.  Turn around, back to the house, start again.  Obviously lack of sleep. 

Finally I get back to normal riding.  The wind was a bit wicked and the lack of sleep told on my legs for quite a bit.  But I perked up.

When I rode by the llama farm, the llamas were out in force but all in the back pastures.  I considered trespassing for some pictures.  All I had was my cellphone camera.  Decided no.  I was then chased by the funniest little dog.  It was like being chased by a dustmop.  The wind blew my bag of Jelly Belly sportbeans out of my bento.  OH NO. 

Next I headed for my favorite semi-flat stretch.  But the headwinds ruined that for me.  I felt like I was climbing.  That’s just not right.  So I toodled around town for a bit, then headed home.


On the Voler shorts, I bought these off a special sale from Velowear.  They were having a sample sale of the sizing kits they made up for the teams they sponsor.  These shorts don’t have the standard women’s chamois that seem to appear in the other women’s shorts on the site.  The shorts were light weight and fit snug but fine.  I’m a little concerned about the leb band on longer rides.  I think the chamois will be fine, though I will probably butter it in the future.  It seemed a bit grabby.  The pricing on their clothing is certainly right.  I’ve wanting to try some bibs, so I plan to try some out in the near future.



~ by susancyclist on April 13, 2008.

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