On a good ride, near miss and sunshine

I headed out a little later than planned, but that gave the temps a chance to get out of the 40s.  I decided to head south toward the hills and ride some familiar roads and a couple of new ones.

As I rode the overpass over I40 and came to where cars were exiting, a big semi trailer stopped blocking the exit lane.  But on the far right side of the truck, where I couldn’t see, a white van decided to blow through, come out and turn left just as I got there.  Apparently my bike handling skills are better than I realized.  I managed to go around him, yelling bloody murder the whole time.  I don’t think he ever hit his brake.

I stopped, just to calm down and a nice lady stopped to see if I was OK.  She said she was screaming the whole time.  She was positioned where she could see both of us.

So that was the worst part of my ride.

As I headed out Franklin Road, I saw the organized ride out of Gladeville turn off about a quarter mile ahead of me.  I did get the chance to chat with the sweeper for a sec when he came back to check. 

About here is where the sun came out.  It should have been accompanied by heavenly choirs.

I cut off onto Oak Grove Road which is up and down and has one particularly tough hill which tops 20% grade.  I didn’t finish that one off, but I got most of it.  Then I rode up Hwy 109 and turned to ride back down Franklin Road/Microwave Hill.  I managed the climbs pretty well.  I didn’t feel I could go all out on the descent as all the rain left a lot of debris in the road.

Next I turned off onto a new for me road which starts out being Nokes Rd and becomes Safari Camp Rd.  Nice road, climby.  Saw my second rider of the day.  Then I turned off onto what I thought was Callis Rd.  It turns out it was Callis Ln.  It was a rough road that had been really damaged in the rains.  It was a little concern with the skinny tires, but I just kept my eye on the road.

When I came to the end of the road, I didn’t come out where I thought I should.  So I took an educated guess and turned left.  After pedalling a bit, I decided it was good time to stop, eat my Mojo bar, and check Google Maps to see exactly where I was going.  It was then I made a most distressing discovery.  No not that one.

I can’t read the maps without my reading glasses.  How sad is that.

As it turned out, Callis Ln runs into Callis Rd., and my left turn was right on the money.

I was getting hungry so I headed home.

For those who like numbers:  32.67 miles, 1940 feet of elevation gain with a max grade of 14.5%.



~ by susancyclist on April 6, 2008.

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