On a bit of a stormy Saturday

Vaguely, during the night, I heard thunder.  I knew the weather person had been right and it wasn’t going to be a day to ride. 

Fortunately, I had a backup plan.  My dividend from REI was burning a hole in my pocket and my 20% off coupon runs out tomorrow. So time to shop for nifty bike things.

REI is a bit of a trek from here so I don’t hit the store as often as I would like.

My plans included checking out the Keen Commuter Sandal. I didn’t want to buy them off the ‘net as my feet are picky. Anything that might rub usually results in a sore or a blister.

They were really busy. Lots of bikes went out the door while I was there as well as some canoes and tents.  I noted an older couple with a pair of Electras and a younger couple with commuters.  There is still hope for the world.

I checked out the Keens and decided against them. Although they were lined, the lining was attached by exposed stitching. I probably only would have been comfortable riding in them with socks which seems to defeat the purpose as well as increase my fredness/dorkiness exponentially.

So I went to plan B, or 2, or II. Just get some doodads that I have been wanting. First on the list was a CO2 pump and refills. Discussed the different ones with the bike guy and checked that off.

Next I got a new Polar Bottle. I have two that are getting rather nasty looking. I also found a nifty little gadget to go with it. A Polar Clip-it Carrier. I figure I can use it when camping and hiking or clip it to the back of my saddle for a third bottle. More than once last summer when we were having 100+ temps, I had to change or shorten my route to make sure I could get more water.

I also got a Buff. I love these things. They are better than a bandanna for soaking up the sweat. No seams. Convenient with the longer hair. I wear them in the winter too.

I finished off with a bottle of chamois butt’r and some mojo bars.

& I still have nearly $20 left of my dividend!


~ by susancyclist on March 29, 2008.

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