On a weekday ride.

First, after work, enough daylight ride of the year!  Temperatures were good.  Wind was bad.

I only wanted to stay out for about an hour, so I could get back in, prep food, and settle in to watch my Lady Vols play.  So I selected the route accordingly.

I headed out and the wind was a bit of a nuisance, but not bad.  I didn’t feel particularly strong.

For the most part it was a nice, rolley loop, that is until I turned off for home, straight into the wind.

Have you heard Phil Ligget’s reference to a false flat?  Riding one of those into a headwind is evil.  I had about 5 miles riding into that stupid wind on a busy highway. 

It also featured two idiot drivers, one who decided to come right up behind me and honk; the second who decided to pass me when I had taken the lane and was signaling my left turn to go home.  I want something to throw at these people.  It should be like a small mudball that would stick to their vehicle.  They way, if I spotted the vehicle later, I would know it and could give them the cussing they so richly deserve.

Okay, I know these people are just ignorant.  They don’t realize what they did was wrong.  So maybe I would just explain patiently.    While holding firmly by the scruff of the neck.

~ by susancyclist on March 26, 2008.

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