Decent Saturday

Today’s ride was a definite improvement over Friday’s.

I made sure I ate a little extra this morning, more than the usual bowl of cereal, banana, and coffee.  I also put some OS Endurance in one of my bottles and a couple of bars in the saddlebag and bento.  For rides under 30 miles or so, I don’t normally carry a sugary drink.  This seemed a good time to make an exception.

It was much colder this morning and windy to boot.  Checking my stats on return, the wind averaged 14.6 mph.  Not enough to really effect my ride, but it did chill my arms and ears.  I was wearing my orange smartwool hoodie and thought the hood would be enough to cover my ears.  I should have gone with a buff.

I also started out with half finger gloves, but turned around to get the full finger ones.  There is no point in having frigid digits.

I kept the route simple, no big climbs.  My cadence sensor wasn’t working.  I think it needs to be re-paired with the Garmin after getting a new battery.  Cadence and spinning on hills is something I’m working on.  I know it will improve my speed and I think working it as I come into a hill will help my climbing.

Overall I felt much better.  I think that was born out by my heart rate which was lower than yesterday even though  today’s route would be quantified as a little tougher.

Stopped off to chat with a friend, a former secretary of mine.

So I did 22.13 miles, not as much as I normally do on a Saturday.  But I should be able to crank some out by next week.


~ by susancyclist on March 22, 2008.

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