Bad Friday

It was a beautiful morning with the promise of warmer temperatures and I fully intended to put in some miles today.  Last night I took the old trainer tire off the back wheel and put my pretty, orange Conti back on.

This morning I fiddled around with layers, filled two bottles, put a clifbar in the saddlebag and sport beans in the bento box.  I was ready.

But my body wasn’t.  I am still paying for the bug I’ve fought for the last two weeks.

My legs felt like wet cement.  I really needed my heavier tights on my legs rather than the knickers I had on.

My stomach turned on me with a vague feeling of nausea within a couple of miles.  I tried sportbeans and drinking but that made matters worse.  I was afraid to try a clifbar.

My legs were cold, but I was sweating under the light weight buff I had under my helmet.

I feel like I’ve lost the gains I made on the trainer over the winter.  In fact, I feel totally tyro.  Four hours later and I’m still tired.

On the plus side, I did see some big wild turkeys.

I’ll close down this pity party now.  I plan on taking a soak in the tub, eating a steak for supper, rolling out my legs, and trying again tomorrow.


~ by susancyclist on March 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “Bad Friday”

  1. I feel like reading this post is gazing into my future. I’m doing my first “real” outdoor ride this Sunday, and for the two weeks I’ve been eating like a crazy person, and not spending much time on the trainer. I’m expecting to pour myself into lycra and slog along for as many miles as I can take before coming home to gorge myself on cheez-its. At least you had a real reason–you were sick!!

  2. Here’s hoping we both have good weekend rides!!

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