I took that on my ride today.  Pretty! 

This is the first day in 2 weeks that I have felt half way decent.  So I celebrated by starting Easter break early.  Headed out on one of my favorite shorter rides, “The Llama Farm Route.”  Unfortunately the llamas were not in photographing range. 

At first I felt the time off the bike, but as I got moving, I started feeling good.  So I extended the ride by turning off and riding through the industrial subdivision which features a long, shallow climb.  That’s where I took the picture.

I got in 17.84 miles.

I stopped off at a friend’s house and invited her to head to my LBS, the Bike Pedlar f/k/a the Jolly Cyclist.  They have moved into a nice new big building.  I got some new tape, orange Salsa.  They special order it for me every year.  And this year it was no charge!  But I also got some Bontrager Harmonic Dampers (fancy bar ends).  I’ll report back on how I like those.

While they were working on the bike, I chatted with the other mechanics discussing wool, soccer,  and rode a Trek Lime around the shop.  The Lime was sorta fun.  It would make a fun grocery bike.  I’ll have to talk them into letting me take it out sometime.

~ by susancyclist on March 20, 2008.

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