On snow and a mishmash

After a day of rain and dropping temperatures, it started to snow last night.  We have a lovely, white blanket this morning.  I know all of you that live in more northern climes are thinking, “So what?!”  But this is uncommon, particularly in the last few years, in my part of the world.  And as is usually the case, we have a layer of ice underneath.

So my plans for the day include looking at the pretty snow.  I don’t have a bike suitable for riding in this stuff; skinny tires you know.  Well actually I kinda do.  I have an old Bianchi Nyala that has fatter tires.  But I will either A. ride the trainer, B. bundle up a bit and go play in the snow, C. Both.

Although I live ‘in town,’ my house is next to some open fields suitable for a bit of snow hiking and maybe some pretty snow pictures.  Watch for some in the flickr clicker on the right.


In the meantime, I always carry my cell phone with me, having learned the hard way that there may come the time I need some assistance on the road.  The old cell died so I went looking for a replacement and settled on the Palm Treo 700p.  It’s something that is usable for things other than as a phone.  I’ve already put my calendar on it and synced it with all my computers (home and office).  I’ve got my contacts all synced.  Maybe I can figure out how to check out my blog, and yours, from it too.  Actually I can, just haven’t yet.


Fun winter day reading from the NY Times:


You will probably have to register, but it’s a fun article about literary frauds.


~ by susancyclist on March 8, 2008.

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