Back on the trainer

Well, it was back on the trainer last night.  I did most of Spinervals Suffer-a-rama, I think that’s 3.0.  Not my favorite one.  The music is very irritating.  Plus I was hungry, despite having an english muffin before starting out.  So I cut out a bit of the middle and got in something like 40 minutes.

I can usually ignore the music but the music for soft-pedaling was particularly irritating last night.  It was probably as much me as anything.  After really nice outdoor riding this weekend, getting back to the trainer was something of a letdown.

I’m not sure whether I’ll get back on tonight or dedicate myself to some housework.  I really need to avoid that disaster area look.

~ by susancyclist on March 5, 2008.

7 Responses to “Back on the trainer”

  1. Daylight savings is upon us. I’m putting on new tires tonight to demonstrate my commitment to staying off the rollers for good now.

  2. I’m fired up about DST. But we are supposed to get gen-u-wine snow tonight. They don’t clear any but main highways down here. So I’ll be stuck on the trainer for Saturday at least

  3. That sucks. It will melt fast, though. I just got back from my tire expedition. Lots of choices…Conti 4000s, Race 3s, Courchevels…went with the Contis. Who knows?

  4. I’ve been riding contis. They’ve held up well.

  5. I rode 3000s for a time. These have the new secret chili powder. Magical properties I’m sure!

  6. Only the orange ones, like mine, contain chili powder. 😉

    BTW, mine are Attack/Force, 22 on the front, 23 on the back.

  7. Ah, now the 4000s have BLACK CHILI POWDER for magical properties.

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