I had a lot of decisions to make today.  All good ones.

1.  Ride morning or afternoon?  Morning = cooler.  Afternoon = windier.  Went with morning.

2.  How warm would it be and what to wear?  I went with knickers and a short sleeved jersey with arm warmers. 

3.  Where to ride?  Today was to be a recovery type ride.  A lot of times I use those to explore roads I’ve never ridden before.  I’ll often check out routeslip or bikely and see what other folks have been riding.  Sometimes I have spotted a road previously that I’m just curious about.  I’ve found some nifty routes both ways.  The only drawback is sometimes I’ll end up on a tougher route than I want for a recovery ride.

As I started, I felt yesterday’s workout at the top of my legs.  Would that be the hip flexors?  Nothing too bad though.

I decided to check out some roads east of where I live, not a direction I’ve ridden much.  I road around-about down Lovers Lane (really!) to Old Rome Pike to Carthage Highway.   I prefer not to stay on that highway too long as it has fast cars and little to no shoulder.  Then I turned off on the road I really wanted to check out, Spring Creek Road.  This was great.  It’s an very old, well maintained road built into and around a really big hill.  Very rolling, but so that you seldom felt like you were climbing.  Just up and down.  I came out on Hartsville Pike and headed back toward town.

As I hit town,  I headed toward the home of some friends.

Remember when you first started collecting bike clothes and had to match?  I am apparently over that.  I had on an orange and black jersey, purple arm warmers and the Harlot wool socks that have the red stars up the back.  For some strange reason they found my kit funny.  Can’t imagine why.

After hanging out for nearly an hour, I started to head for home.  I decided after the rest that I should add a few miles to what I had already done.  But by then I was beginning to feel the climbing I did yesterday in my quads.  My extra miles only amounted to a couple.

If the weather people are right, this is the last day of beautiful weather for a few.  Winter is due to return.  So I’m doubly glad I got out.


Daylight Savings Time in one week!!


~ by susancyclist on March 2, 2008.

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