On a gloomy Saturday ride

This week was a tough one at work, so I was looking forward to blowing off my troubles on a ride.  However, when I got up this morning I wasn’t feeling on top of the world.  I came close to not riding.  But I decided that a ride usually makes me feel better, so I started layering up.

As I headed out I realized my ‘item to forget today’ was my sunglasses.  I realized that the second the wind hit my eyes.  So I turned around to get them.  Then I real and truly headed out.  Temps were in the low 40s for the whole ride with little wind.

For the first part of the ride the legs felt pretty good considering how little I’ve been able to ride.  I was averaging a good speed and cadence.  But it didn’t take long, only about 5 miles, for my lack of riding and general feeling crappiness to be felt and my legs got that feeling like somebody had filled them with concrete.  So I found a nice spot to sit and eat a clifbar (mmm, carrot cake).  I also remembered something I had spotted a couple of weeks ago.

They are building a new stretch of road intended to divert heavy traffic away from town.  I had noted it looked paved, but it isn’t opened.  So I headed in that direction. 

I turned onto the road just after the big portapotty cleaning truck.  But otherwise there was no work going on, just lots of big machines sitting idle.  The road had what I would call a baselayer of paving and you have to watch for differing levels where one lane is a layer higher than the other.  That being said, fun stuff.  It’s like having your own private highway to ride.  The only bad part is that it’s only about a mile and a quarter long.

If I had felt better,  I would have turned around and ridden it the other way.  But I’ll try it again.



~ by susancyclist on February 16, 2008.

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