On a beautiful day for a ride

Best riding day so far this year!  There was not a cloud in the sky.  It was in the upper 40s when I started out and I rode with one less layer than I have been.  I headed north for a bit then turned off on a road where I knew I would get to do a bit of climbing.  My quads probably could have used a bit more warming up before that first hill, but they warmed up pretty quick. 

After that I decided to head across the highway and explore some new roads.  I headed out Cedar Grove Road, an old country road.  It was definitely not flat.  According to my Garmin, the max grade was 14%.  At one up, down, up section I dropped my chain trying to shift through it.  One hill I walked.

On the bike I often spot things I never would have seen in a car.  I spotted a horse rescue farm.  Very cool.

At another spot two little dogs came tearing out from the house, barking up a storm.  Suddenly one of them yelped and flipped.  Apparently they had one of those underground electrical fences and the shock collar.  Poor little guy apparently forgot in his zeal to catch me.

The first couple of miles of this road was really rough.  A little teeth rattling went on there.  Then I hit a newer section that was a lot more fun.  The hills just rolled and lots of swopey curves, with a couple of 45 degree ones.  Then I hit Coles Ferry Pike and turned off on to Maple Hill Road.  Fairly flat here and it took me back into town.  I toodled around town for a bit then headed for home and a sandwich.

21.14 miles.

The temps are headed back down for tomorrow.  So Sad.  But a lovely ride today!

~ by susancyclist on February 9, 2008.

6 Responses to “On a beautiful day for a ride”

  1. Seeing a horse rescue centre that’s very nice. I saw 2 horses today…

  2. What part of the country are you located? I’m peering out my window at flurries, softly falling. I’m in New England.

  3. I’m in Middle Tennessee. I’m just barely south of all that tornado damage you’ve heard about on the news.

    Tomorrow the high is only supposed to be in the 30s though.

  4. Glad you missed that. Spring is coming, even up here. I saw my first Robin today. Thank God! It’s starting to get depressing…..

  5. One month from today is Daylight Savings Time!

  6. We had a good day over on this side of the pond, too. Blue skies, temperature up to 14C (57F) and no wind. It’s more than a little odd for February in north-eastern Scotland, though.

    Yesterday was more typical. I had to turn back from our morning ride as we were being hit by wind gusts of 50-55mph. I probably shouldn’t have bothered trying, but I did and only went 100 yards before deciding it was a day for discretion.

    We lost a few more branches off the trees when the wind freshened further later, then one of the chicken houses disintegrated (again), our wheelie bin was blown over the gate and it all got a little hairy. But, nothing like the tornadoes to your north – I even managed to keep working outside.

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