On bikes and animals

My plans for the morning were to head out for some chilly, but sunny miles and maybe snap some pictures.  The best riding is south of town.  I live north of town.  So for most rides I have to ride through town first. 

I headed out my usual way.  Straight through town.  I seldom have problems with drivers, most being quite considerate.  I think riding in winter increases the respect they give me.

After I cross Interstate 40, I’m pretty much out in the country. 

I stopped at a farm to snap some pics of some pretty goats. 


The goats did not cooperate and moved away from the fence.

I turned onto Pinhook Road, which is a country road that is just the tiniest bit rolling with a lot of swoping curves and a lot of fun to ride.

After a couple of turns I was on what I call “Llama Farm Road” where I planned to take some more pics.  Unfortunately the llamas were not in the roadfront pastures. 

  There is an old renthouse right in the middle of things.  It has a particularly unfriendly dog, a rottweiler I think, but he is usually chained up.  As I approached the house, he started barking and raising hell as usual.  But when I got up to the house, lo and behold, he came charging out right in front of me.  I wanted to dismount, get the bike between us, and get my can of Halt! in my hand.  Instead I ended up going down.  By then the dog had circled around and was above my head as I laid on the ground.  I really expected to feel teeth in my shoulder.  But I had somehow managed to get the spraycan in my hand and I was waving it around madly.  He has apparently been sprayed before.  At the sight of the can, he backed off.

I got up and walked the bike up the road a bit, all the time yelling hoping someone would come out of the house and get the dog.  Finally I got far enough away that I felt safe enough to get back on the bike and ride away.

In this area dogs have gotten to be a big problem.  The county commission hasn’t seen fit to address the problem.  Cyclists get bitten every year.  It’s particularly a problem in cooler weather.  Once it gets hot, the dogs get too somnolent to bother.

I love animals.  I also think owners shoudl take responsibility for their animals.


~ by susancyclist on February 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “On bikes and animals”

  1. Holy crap, that’s quite a story! Did you hit the dog? I’m surprised there are no leash laws to assist you.

  2. I didn’t hit him. Fortunately I had time to hit the brakes, but that’s probably why I went down.

    I was just outside the city limits, so I don’t believe there are any leash laws at all. I plan to talk to the sheriff this week as I’ve known him for years.

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