On Colors

I don’t insist on my jersey matching my bike at all times, though I will admit to having more than one orange jersey that matches my black Giant with the orange and white accents.  But I do like to ride in colors that I like.  Call me shallow and vain.

 But why do so many women’s jersies (jerseys?) come only in pastels, especially pink?  For that matter why do so many WSD bikes come in equally putrid (to me) pastels?

What has gotten me onto this particular rant?  One of my favorite bike blogs: 


Fatty has posted pics of his ’08 TwinSix jersey.  The women’s only comes in the pink.

Of course, many companies are guilty of the pastel only bit.  Or at least mostly pastel.  Some are beginning to offer other stuff. 

terrybicycles has added in colors with a bit of punch, though although her branded stuff is still pink. 

And next time you are in your LBS that carries WSD bikes, go take a look.  Looks like a baby nursery. 

I bet babies don’t even like those colors.


~ by susancyclist on January 31, 2008.

8 Responses to “On Colors”

  1. It’s just as bad for men – leaving hi-viz out of the equation, we can wear black, charcoal or silver. I’d like some cross fertilisation from surfer wear for when I’m feeling wacky and in-your-face, plus some low-profile streetwear influences for when I want to blend in with non-cyclists.

  2. I have done OK with some mouuntain biking type stuff when I want the street wear thing.

    Seems like I’ve seen surfer wear stuff somewhere… If I find, I’ll let you know.

  3. hi susan,

    i actually would have loved to have the women’s cut in orange. the color restrictions are because i am not a giant bike clothing company. if i were to do every color in every gender in every size, the number of variations would be as follows:

    2 genders x 2 colors x 6 sizes = 24 jersey variations. that would be OK if i were a clothing store; I could probably buy enough of each of the 24 variations to be sure there was a good chance the one you want is available.

    but i’m not a clothing store. i’m one guy, with a blog. so if i did every color/size/gender combination, i’d only be able to do very few of any given size/gender/color quantity. the chances of you getting the cut and size you want would go way down. so i had to make some compromises, which basically came down to only doing women’s in pink, and only doing a very tiny run of mens in pink.

    so i went the way i did. i did pink for women not because pink is a girlie color, but because pink is for fighting breast cancer. i also figured that women who want an orange jersey can still get one; they’ll just have to go with the mens sizing, as they probably do on at least some of their jerseys anyway. and i figured that men who want a pink jersey can hustle to get one of the very few in that color I’m having made.

    make sense?

  4. HI fatty, Get that. Just a jumping off point for my general bitchfest. I have the original pink lemonade jersey, you’ve got that pic.

  5. yup, and that photo’s going to be the banner on my blog soonish. thanks for sending that in!

  6. Blush

  7. How’s this for sad?

    I chose a model of bike that was $200 more than the one I actually wanted because the color scheme matched my team kit’s color scheme more accurately.

  8. je, color is important!

    Although I would probably cave if offered the right bike in the wrong color.

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