First:  On yesterday’s post, jcolnan commented about the strange readings you can get from an altimeter.  Absitively true.  We had a huge storm coming in last night and I seemed to be riding a 6% grade while on my trainer.  Somehow, I think not.

Second:  I felt quite self-righteous and sanctimonious last evening when I changed clothes and jumped on my trainer.  Have I mentioned how boring the trainer is?

Along about the 13 to 14 minute mark, it sounds like I’m being followed by a snake.  Since I’m not actually moving, that seems unlikely.  So I brake and reach back to check the tire.  Seems OK.  Start pedalling again.  Snake still chasing me. 

What if it’s the trainer?  Could the fluid be leaking?  Would it make a hissy sound if it was?

I continue on.  Hmm, it’s getting easier to pedal.  There can be no doubt.  My trainer must be dying.  Crap.

Stop again.  Reach back.  I have a flat.  At least it’s cheaper than a new trainer.

But what exactly did I run over?


~ by susancyclist on January 30, 2008.

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