Kind of a crappy ride…

I think I had been looking forward to this ride a little too much.  Earlier this week the weather persons had been promising sunshine and warmth, neither of which materialized.

My head was stuffed up a bit before hand, so during the ride I surpassed my previous efforts at producing mucous and snot rocketry.  I have a gift.  I think I lost weight just on that count.

So I never got out of town, just rode around town a bit trying to get the legs warm.  They were filled with sluge though.

I did stop and play with the camera for a minute.

That’s the tiger that was the mascot for the military academy that used to be here.

This is a little hill in town that I like.

So anyway,  I at least got a bit of work.  Just not enough.


~ by susancyclist on January 26, 2008.

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