On continuing to miss my bike

My bike has been in the shop since Saturday.  By the way, her name is Black Beauty (BB).  I probably won’t have her back until tomorrow.

I miss her.

Realistically, I missed, at most, one ride.  I might have ridden Sunday in the 8 degree weather.  But this time of year I just don’t get to ride outdoors on weekdays.

But if BB were home, she would be sitting on the trainer in my living room.  Although her orange accents are quite lovely, she clashes with the rest of the decor.  But she still looks rather sculptural sitting there.

Plus there is the vague possibility that I might actually jump on and pedal with her sitting there staring at me and looking sad.

All of this goes to the conclusion that I really need a second road bike.


~ by susancyclist on January 23, 2008.

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