1/19: I Go for a Cold Ride

I was quite determined to ride this morning. It was cold. For my thin Southern blood, it was very cold. But I had what layers I would wear, as well as what order they would go on all worked out in my head. I did pretty well in that regard. Except I couldn’t find my toe covers. I really missed them too.

I wore my faux UA base layers top and bottom, a merino wool sweater, windproof jacket, shorts under fleece lined tights, a pair of short socks under ski socks. Overall the layers worked pretty well. But I missed the toe covers. I wore 180s under a buff for the ears.

I had the good sense to put my Seirus facemask in the bar bag. I put it on before I left the subdivision. It’s funny how cold can burn.

I hadn’t gone a mile when I heard a rubbing sound. Stopped and checked and it was a rear brake pad rubbing the rim. No big deal, just straightened that.

But it soon became a big deal. Every time I shifted in the rear, the brake was thrown off center.

Really, really aggravating.

I rode for a while longer. But between the rubbing of the brake pad and the frozen toes, I cut it short and only got in 13.42 miles. About half of what I had planned.

So I came home, warmed up, loaded the bike onto the truck and headed to the LBS. Decided to not only get the mysteriously moving brakes repaired, but do a complete tuneup. New cables, all clean and lubed. BB has well over 4000, probably close to 5000 miles on her. Time she had a bit of TLC.

Should get her back on Thursday.


~ by susancyclist on January 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “1/19: I Go for a Cold Ride”

  1. How cold was it? I ride in temperatures down to -10 to -15C (14 to 5F) and find the main areas to watch are the knuckles (even in double gloves), ears, eyes and lungs. Cold dry air is particularly bad for the lungs.

    I wear silk socks inside heavy woollen ones and find this works much better than synthetics.

    I wear a skullcap under my helmet and this protects my ears to some extent, but I’m reluctant to cover them more as I have a lot of problems with crazy drivers. I prefer the risk of frostbite to the risk of not hearing someone who wants to run me down.

    Anyway, it was nice to stumble across someone else who rides in the cold. Severe winds and heavy snow are the only weather conditions that stop me.

  2. Hey Stonehead. Thanks for my first comment!
    I haven’t tried silk though I have wondered.
    I do wear lots of merino wool, including socks. The 180s don’t seem to bother my hearing and the buff over keeps them from moving around.
    We don’t get quite that cold here normally. Though I might have set out at 8 degrees this morning if I’d had my bike here.

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