1/18: I Ride My Trainer

Last night I rode my bike on the trainer. It was for a whole 15 minutes.

Big hairy deal, you say? Well, yeah.

1. Riding my beautiful bike on a non-moving trainer is a sin. This machine was meant to be on the open road, climbing hills and flying down the other side. OK, I don’t climb and fly any too well, but you know what I mean.

2. Riding on a trainer is boring. I have spinervals, audio workouts. I could watch TV or listen to music. I could even call a friend and talk. Still boring.

3. Riding a trainer is hard. No matter how good a job you do setting it up, no matter how expensive your trainer is (which mine isn’t), it doesn’t feel like a ride on the road. Some people set up fans to blow on them and create a wind. Ostensibly this is to keep them cooled off. I think it’s really an attempt to recreate the wind in your face you get when you really ride.

4. You can’t coast on a trainer. You say this is training and we shouldn’t coast. Coasting is the reward we get for climbing. You climb a hill, crest, pedal a little to help build your speed and gear up, tuck in and coast. Hopefully really fast. It’s still coasting.

So my plan is simply to ride ride a little longer each time on the trainer. This will not only build my legs, but my patience.

My patience needs more work anyway.


~ by susancyclist on January 18, 2008.

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