1/14: Thinking about why

I didn’t ride yesterday. Shoulda.

I was reading Dave Moulton’s blog this morning. He wrote about one of those rides that tells you why you ride. I’ve had several of those.

I’ve also had several that made me wonder what the %#@* I was doing on a bike. But that’s not the day’s subject.

I was scheduled to ride the HOW100 on September 8th. I headed out for a little shakeout ride on the 6th. I was just going to loosen up my legs and cruise a little. I had no planned route. Maybe 15 miles or so.

I turned off onto a parkway that goes through an industrial subdivision. I don’t normally ride this road on weekdays due to the traffic and big rigs. It’s also got a long shallow ascent for about 2/3s of the way.

Just as I’m getting started on it, I hear a diesel engine behind me. As I top a little rise, I check the traffic and wave him on, moving as far to the right as I can. But he doesn’t go. I keep pedaling. He stays behind me.

Then I get to the longer part of the ascent where he obviously can see to pass. He stays back there. Now if I had been out in the boondocks somewhere, or even here on a weekend, I might have felt a little insecure. Or a lot. But today I didn’t.

But I start cranking hard. I’m climbing at 14 mph. That’s pretty darn good for me. He is keeping a respectful distance but staying right there. Traffic has to be lining up behind him. But no horns.

Everything just feels good. And fun. The way a ride should be.

I crank really hard the whole way and I finally hear the diesel turn off into PFG. I think it was a diesel pickup. But I never looked back. I never saw him (her?).

In about 100 yards after he (she?) turned off, I came to the intersection where I turned for home.

The century ride on Saturday wasn’t near as much fun as that 5 miles, despite their best efforts.


~ by susancyclist on January 14, 2008.

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