Da first (from yahoo 360) 1/12/2008

im000286.jpgMy first entry! I plan to write particularly about cycling. I’m a roadie. But I may throw in anything else that interests me, or ticks me off. In particular, I may include some primitive trailer camping in conjunction with my riding. Last fall I bought a tiny travel trailer for the express purpose of going off somewhere to ride.

And to begin, today’s ride:

Why do dogs like to chase bicycles? I have been nipped once, chased lots, and severely frightened many times.

Today I was riding some back roads from Watertown, TN back to Lebanon. As I was pedaling my little brains out up a hill at about 8% grade, I heard big deep barking ahead. It was accompanied by little high pitched yapping. I looked up to see a BIG dog.

Coming toward me.

With bad intent in his eyes and growls in his throat.

He was followed by a little yappy chihuahua. But the big guy was the one I was worried about.

Often I’ll try talking to a dog and they will turn friendly. So I sang out, “hello, doggie!” He didn’t care. By now he was trotting toward me making this strange growly sound from deep in his chest. So I dismounted and put the bike between us. My bike suddenly seemed very small and frail.

I put my Halt! in my spraying hand.

Right then the dog’s owner came around the corner and started to call him. The dog didn’t seem to care. I have no where to go.

So the owner came down to the road and called the dog and finally the dog stopped. Thank goodness! Owner came on down to me and formally introduced me to the dog. His name is Buddy. Once we were properly introduced and he had a sniff of my glove, he was my Buddy. My Big Buddy. My Big Old buddy.

But did I mention he was big?

Stupid chihuahua never stopped yapping.


~ by susancyclist on January 12, 2008.

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